And so it begins…

A new blog, a new purpose, a fresh start.

I’ve moved and I’m heading back for my school return on Friday. Seeing as my endometriosis has moments of flare and sleep, and if I were to only write about my endometriosis on this new blog, then I would have great spurts and then times of no posts. I don’t want to do that to my readers. I can’t promise every post will be about endometriosis. With this new blog, I plan on writing about everything in my life.

As the clock is ticking down for my school return and I promised myself I would do some writing while on break, I’m taking the remainder of the day to write. I think I’m going to start writing a collection of short stories about my life. Why? Well, I write all this fiction and it’s sweet and all, but when people hear my real-life garbage (things I don’t find interesting seeing as I’ve lived it) they always say, “you should write about that!” So, I’m taking their friendly advice and doing a memoir. It’s worked for other non-famous people (although I don’t plan on pulling a James Frey). No, my book will be about the raw me. The me I never let people see because the wounds are still bleeding. Writing, after all, is free therapy.


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