Cysts suck

OK – I’m not a moron. I know that a puny 1.5 X 2 cm. ovarian cyst isn’t to blame for the excrutiating pain I’m experiencing. OK.  Yesterday the pain became so awful that I broke down and called my gyno’s office.

The problem with this scenario is that last week, when I went in for this initial pain, I had to a see a new nurse practioner who isn’t the girl I like and who knows my case. So… I see the new girl and concurs that it sounds like a cyst but is concerned it may be twisted. I’m sent for a stat ultrasound and a cyst is found. She then tries the old birth-control push on me, which at that point I explained I can’t take them that’s why I use Mirena. She then goes: “Mirena causes cysts. If you’re already prone to them, then the Mirena will cause more.” Defeatedly, I take her Ibuprofren script and Bactrum (for a possible UTI) and go home to suffer in silence – as usual.

Well, when it became unbearable yesterday I called them back. She offered me the following options: laparoscopy to see what’s going on. Oddly I told her I already had a lap in September of 06. She argued that I didn’t. I then told her I had the scars and pics that proved it. She then thumbed through my file and found the post-op write up. Oy. So now she’s suggesting I may need another one and that the pain I’m having is most likely from my extensive adhesions.

I then crawl myself int work where, during the afternoon, I get two voice mails. The first says to call the office. The second says they need to see me the next day in the afternoon. And all I can say is seeing as I’ve missed work for this, it better be a productive afternoon. Things will get solved. I will not walk from that office with a “take some ibuprofen and give it some time” nonesense. In my opinion: just take the tube or do a hysterectomy. I’m tired of female parts causing me pain!

I’ll update this blog tonight or tomorrow with whatever info they give me. Does it ever end?


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