Taking the Plunge

My doctor visit went interestingly well. I was in a great deal of pain and could hardly walk without pain searing through my uterus. I was expected to be told “It’s just another functional cyst and it will go away soon.” But, no, I was surprised.

ME: “I’m in so much pain and I’m tired of it! I know this isn’t from the cyst. It can’t be. The cyst is a baby cyst and wouldn’t feel like this!”

DR: “No, it’s not the cyst. The cyst is probably gone by now anyway. It’s the endometriosis.”

ME: “That’s what I thought, too.”

DR: “Dr. K and I have discussed this and it seems as if the Mirena is helping no new implants to form, but it’s not taking care of the ones that already existed. And these are getting bigger.”

ME: Just stared in agony and disbelief.

DR: “So, Dr. K and I are prepared to offer you two things, either Lupron or a Hysterectomy. ”

ME: “Thank God!”

DR: “Now both of these will put you into menopause. The Lupron will be a seudo menopause with added side effects from the drug. I’ll be honest with you, Lupron is hard to take. Many women have problems with it. Also, the hysterectomy will be put you into immediate surgical menopause because we will have to take the ovaries. ”

ME: “Ok.”

One referral to urologist later, and I’m left to decide between the two options. What a day!


2 responses to “Taking the Plunge

  1. hi my name is amy I am 24 yrs old been suffering from endometriosis for 3 yrs now, how do you decide what to do I have been told that if the birth control I am on does not help the I have to do lupron or a hysterectomy.

    • Your decision on what surgical or medication steps to take has to be a personal choice, it just depends on have you reached your pain tollerance.
      Have you had a lap? Do you know what stage of disease you have? Have you had some excised? If not, this may help you dramatically before you have to result to lupron or hysterectomy. If the thought of lupron or hysterectomy are not satisfactory to you, then I urge you to get a second, and even a third, opinion. If two, or three, doctors agree, then I usually believe it’s in my best interest and run with it. I wish you the best.

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