My Decision thus far

  • Until I see the urologist Friday morning, I’m not committing fully to either Lupron or Hysterectomy. I am leaning towards one, though. Hysterectomy. Let me explain why:
  • I have had incredibly bad side effects from drugs similar to Lupron.
  • I had researched and talk to women who Lupron nearly destroyed. I’m talking marriages broken up, assualt charges filed on them, burned family bridges, drastic chemo-like hair loss, among others.
  • The chance that I shell out gobs of money and it not work.

I’ll post more reasons later. I just recieved an email that needs responding to.


9 responses to “My Decision thus far

  1. I have been taking Lupron since August. My periods have been the same (Horrible). September I had a few less clots, but October was hell, I couldn’t take my kids trick or treating for 30 min. it was bad. In November I did a water fast things started looking up no period for November, December, but by January I had a double period it lasted 3 weeks. I am very upset that I didn’t just get the hysterectomy. I am now taking Neprinol and Dempro. My stomach is a little flatter, but that could be because of the flu that I just got over. My husband and I had intercourse yesterday and guess what?? It’s back.

  2. Your story just reinforces my decision for hysterectomy. Thanks.

  3. Sure. Let me know how it goes, and if I go 1st I’ll let you know.

  4. I was diagnosed last Jan with lots of cysts. Have had several since. In April had surgery on them. Diagnosed with endo at that time. I have tried pills, depot and now on lupron. Some days I have no pain. Some it is still never ending. With you on should I continue with lpron or go get a hysterectomy.

  5. Hi. I have Endometriosis. I had liesans removed by an awesome gyno surgeon at UW Hospital in Madison. My pain has been reduced. I am not on birth control. I will not get a hysterectomy because I want the chance to have children. I deal with pain simply with Ibuprofren..4 of them twice a day during the days that are the worst…too much Ibuprofren is not good however. I have recently discovered that if I simply soak in Epsom Salt in a bath tub for 30 minutes each day that it totally reduces symptoms…I had no endo pain last month! I also find that a lot of the pain stems from trapped gas…Epsom Salt relieves that pressure and allows me to pass it. I also find that passing the gas whenever I have to greatly reduces pain…sometimes embarassing but worth it. All natural cleaning products, chemicals, and reducisin dioxins is a HUGE step in reducing Endo symptoms.

    I am against drug companies. I believe what we need can be natural. I would rather the pain than drugs with huge side effects.

    Sorry to write so much but I can’t help myself!

  6. Also….you should all be sure to see a TOP recommended Gynocologist prior to any major decisions. My sister has Endo as well. Ask the women in your families if they have awful period may be surprised at the results.

    I have dealt with Endo now without drugs for 2 years now. You can email me anytime at if you want to vent or inquire.


  7. To rachel I’am glad you are finding relief naturally. But it does not work for all. My endo gets bad enough that vicodin does not touch the pain. I start vomiting if it gets to bad. It is hard to go to work when you are running to the restroom every few minutes. My endo is already on my uterus,ovaries,bowel and bladder. I tried prescription strength naproxyn. I have tried doing nothing. But when your period is there for 3 months straight. Never stopping. With the pain getting worse. You start looking at other methods.

  8. My name is Serena. I had a complete hysterectomy two yrs. ago in Sep.I’m 39 yrs. old with two children. Ages 14&11. My life has changed tremendously. After my surgery, I noticed shortly after that I still was experiencing pain. I found out that I had accumulated scar tissue from my procedure. Til’ this day, I have pain. What should I do? The only solution is having another procedure done that requires cutting. That means taking another risk of more scar tissue growing!I don’t think so! I.m a harstylist. Therefore, I’m on my feet all day long. I must get answers. I pray constantly for relief. Someday, I know my prayers will be answered. After finding this website, I don’t feel as alone. thank God for internet accessability. Sincerely S. Dudley

  9. look into as many alternative healthful treatments as possible, accupuncture, diet, or aromatase inhibitors with add back, yoga has helped and a special yoga for “blood stagnation” what Chinese medicine suspects causes or at least exacerbates the hideous disease, meditation, laughter, friends, anti-candida diet, raw diet, I’m still researching myself, I wish the very best for you. I know I don’t want to lose my uterus nor do i EVER want my metabolism blown out by LUPRON again. I gained THIRTY pounds in ONE month, still have not been able to lose it. Pain still exists but learning how to manage with excercise and diet, rest and faith…in what I’m not sure, just faith that I will be ok.

    I wish you the very best in your journey…thank you for your courage and keep your head up.


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