On the fence in limbo

I had my urology appointment Friday morning and have just finished the 3 day void schedule he ordered. When I went I had already “voided” 3 times and had to do so again in the office. Surprisingly I still had a lot left in me. Then they scanned my bladder while asking me if I had to go to the bathroom anymore and I said no. Well, the scan showed I still had like 350 cc’s in me and that I was retaining and not voiding. The doctor said it’s like my brain is telling my bladder it’s done before it’s really done.

So… I walked out with this embarrasing potty apparatus to drag with me for 3 days. What fun! And 3 appointment – blood work, IVP, and Cystescope. I go Wednesday morning – bright and early – for my IVP and blood work. I then go Monday for the cystoscope. I’ve been reading online that this can be painful and I’m going to request numbing agent or something when I see them on Wedensday. There is no way in hell I’m gonna lay there and let them shove a camera up my urethra while I’m full aware and feeling it!


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