My Endofemm…. gaaaaawwwww *sigh*

OK – I had this lovely corn filled, square heating pad that I used for roughly 12 months. My child placed this wonderful invention in the microwave not too long ago and burnt the kernels. He’s 5, after all, and pressing 1-0-0 on the microwave looked much, much cooler as 1-0-0-0-0! And after a few minutes, something was burning!

So, after opening the bag and spreading the contents into my yard (it stunk and had to get out of my house!), I was at the mercy of my standard, plastic heating pad. Now, for back aches nothing beats the king size heating pad with all the fancy controls. For pelvic pain, the inability for the heat to mold to my pelvis was crap. And I had to literally live on my couch since it wasn’t portable. All be it, the corn pad wasn’t too portable either seeing as if I wanted it to walk with me I had to sacrifice a hand to hold in place. Yeah, that’s convenient.

Well, one day when I was blogging on here I did a quick search for endometriosis heating pads expecting full well to get lists about heat therapy for endometriosis. I was amazed, though, to find a link for the Endofemm heating pad! OMG – this thing is a miracle! For reasons which I will post later, the hysterectomy is being delayed. This means I’m miserable with endometriosis pain. This little pink wonder arrived on my door step right at the nick of time!

Let me tell ya guys about this little beauty:

The Reasons I’m in Love with Endofemm

1) It attaches to your waist like a fanny pack leaving BOTH of your hands free to do the things you need to do – dishes, laundry, diapers, whatever!

2) It’s soft! My old corn pad was this scratchy muslin. This feels so nice when my hands rest on it.

3) It has these kick stand flaps that mold to your body, even when you sit down! You don’t have to sit there and mush this in place like a stander heating pad.

4) NO CORDS! It’s a microwave corn based heating pad so it provides hours of relief with just the occasional 2 minute 30 second pop in the microwave. Nice.

5) I can sleep with it, travel with it, work with it, watch tv with it, play with my kids with it on. Instead of being in the way and something you have to accomodate because of your condition, it fuses with you and comes along for the ride.

I can’t wait to put the Endofemm on when I get home from work. I walk in the door, toss off my shoes, and set that microwave a hummin. AND, I’ve cut back on my every 6-8 hours Ibuprofen/Maximum strength Tylenol combo. I’m very pleased with that since the Ibuprofen does a dance with my stomach.

I would highly recomend this product for all you woman with pelvic pain – even if it’s just period pain. I was spending gobs of money on those thermal patches so I could be free from the heating pad, and now I’m saving some serious green. Check out the website and look into getting you one, too. They come in some neat colors: Euro Pink (I have this one!), Lilac, Navy Blue, Hunter Gree, and Polka Dots!

Seriously, I’m loving the Endofemm!


3 responses to “My Endofemm…. gaaaaawwwww *sigh*

  1. teacherswife99

    Oh wow. I will have to get a couple of these at some point!

  2. I just randomly found this post when I clicked on the bottom list on your archives. It’s so funny, because I just posted today about lovin’ my Endofemm! Weird.

    I totally agree, it is the best product! I’ve been using mine as an ice pack lately & it is also amazing.

    I would’ve cried, I hope you were able to get another one to replace it!


  3. Oh duh, nevermind! For some reason I thought your Endofemm got burned, not your old one. Sorry, my brain is mush. 🙂

    Well, I think the old one getting burned was a blessing in disguise!

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