Update – Urology

Alright, so I went for my IVP and had the blood work he wanted done yesterday. I am still waiting for my cystoscope on Thursday morning. I recieve a call from his office right as I was walking out the door yesterday afternoon:

Nurse: “Mrs. *****, this is so-and-so from Dr. Maurer’s office.”

Me: “Alright.”

Nurse: “Dr. Maurer wanted me to call you. Your blood works already come in [wow, that was fast!] and he’s looked over the IVP…”

Me: “Wow, ok.”

Nurse: “He wanted me to let you know that everything’s coming back highly suggestive of diabetes insipidus and he needs to refer you to an endocrinologist.”

At this point I’m speechless. At my consult he did mention this condition but said it was very rare. How could I have a very rare disease? And he told, very matter of factly, that if my tests showed diabetes insipidus then it would most likely be from….. a pituitary tumor. He kept reassuring me that this was very rare and that it was more likely something else. I could have a brain tumor! I could be getting surgery on my brain! They might have to go through my nose and mess around with stuff! I think I’m allowed to freak out a little, no?

I go tomorrow morning for even more blood work! Then Thursday morning for the cystoscope. And I can’t get in to the endocrinologist until April 8th! And I’m so overwhelmed! I was just supposed to be cleared for the hysterectomy and they find this! I’m in complete awe. Just overwhelmed!


One response to “Update – Urology

  1. teacherswife99

    Holy Crap!

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