The morning is here

Oh, I hate mornings! I’m like Garfield in the comic strips. The sun is coming up and I’m pulling the blanket up past my head and grumbling. Before kids, I would stay up late and sleep in late. Now, I’m in bed late and up early! Something is wrong with that scenario and it’s NOT the staying up part.

This entry will be short and sweet because, out of sheer insanity I assume, I’ve agreed to work all stinking day. Ugh. Yesterday was pure hell. My pelvis felt like something was ripping out if it. I walked around with my Endofemm on until I had to go to work, then put it right on when I got home. I was popping the ibuprofen and gritting my teeth. I go tomorrow for the whole hysterectomy discussion and I plan on asking for something stronger. I will update tomorrow on what I hear from the gyno.


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