Dr. visit update

So, I saw the Gyno to discuss a hysterectomy, which she is recommending over the Lupron from Hell. We discussed all the effects of menopause and how I will be trading one thing for another. I will still be managing something just no longer for pain. I have much to think about and consider and whenever I’m ready I can call and schedule. She does want the endocrinologist to have a go with me first. If there’s something happening in my brain like they think (i.e. pituitary tumor) then that needs to take precidence over a hysterectomy. 

So I was given a new pain script – Cataflam. I’m not big on narcotic pain killers because 1) they are addictive and 2) I have kids to hang with so I can’t be all doped up on the couch. So far, it’s doing ok. It does make me a little drowsy but nothing I can’t handle.


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