March mean Awareness

Every day millions go into breast cancer research, diabetes research and heart disease research. And why? Because something can usually be done for the things. Regular monthly breast checks and mammography can help detect even the smalled breast lump. Weight loss, exercise and diet can help to control certain types of diabetes. The same – including no smoking – can help with heart disease. And people are willing to freely give to a cause that’s A) highly publicized B) currable or manageable and C) is terminal. You can die from the diseased listed above. When the word death factors into something, people listen and open their pocketbooks.

But why does this not happen with endometriosis? March is Endometriosis Awareness Month! Yellow is the color so wear it and ribbons. Spread the word about Endometriosis, treatment options, and early detection. Even though it can’t kill you, it can leave you feeling like you wish you were dead. Endometriosis destroys your quality of life and affects those around you.

What can you do? Simple. Email the editorial desk at your local newspaper. This is easy to do – believe me I used to work for one. Request they do a story highlighting endometriosis. MAKE THE WORLD AWARE OF THIS DISEASE! MAKE THE WORLD RECOGNIZE THIS DEASE! MAKE THEM LISTEN!


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