Migraine Drama

As readers of this blog, or my previous blog, may already know, I suffer from complicated migraines. For a brief overview of what a complicated migraine is think of stroke victim with or without a migraine. This is what I used to experience rather frequently. It’s been several months since I’ve been plagued with what I call migraine hell – or what the docs call “status migraine.” Nothing was working and I’ve had this crap since LAST Wednesday! Yeah, seriously. I’m all numb, my legs are killing me, my arms feels just about useless, my head is throbbing, and I’m praying I don’t end up with a stroke or something. Oh, and something new, the hearing in my right ear is greatly reduced and the ear itself, along with that sideo f my face is tingling and going numb all randomly. Fun, I know.

 So, here I am in the throws of this devil and my neuro’s office can’t get my in till April 18th! CRAZY! And this is my second one of these in a month! CRAZY again! I go to my PCP for some kind of relief and end up with a new abortive, which isn’t going to help seeing as it’s already going on!, and he knows this. And an “emergency” CT Scan. Seeing as I won’t get results from it back for 1-2 weeks, exactly how long to do they wait for results in a non-emergency???

So, I’m caught in a migraine drama that just is never ending. I did manage to get sleep last night, which isn’t a surprise since the previous night I logged a whole 1:45 mins or something like that. It wasn’t enough. And I’m sure that helped fuel the migraine cycle for another day.

Anyone else experience these types of migraines? My neuro acts very nachalant about them. Yet, I read this morning that there’s a study showing that these migraines dramatically increase the rish of stroke in patients under 45! Yikes. Maybe it’s time to swtich neuro’s?


3 responses to “Migraine Drama

  1. Yes it is time to switch neuros!!! Status Migrainous is considered a medical emergency and puts you at an even greater risk for stroke than the complicated migraine alone. Read this: Status Migrainous


    There is a lot more really good information on that site as well, and they too would recommend you find another doctor. You might find one here:


    I hope you are at least starting to feel better today, though the aftermath of migraine isn’t too much better.

  2. teacherswife99

    WOW! I didn’t realize that. I never even heard the term status migrainous as far as I remember and I think I have this along with occipital neuralgia. WOW!
    This sucks too cause I already have a high risk for stroke and both of my parents have had strokes. Crap!

  3. Hello, I have suffered from various forms of migraine since 9 years of age. Mine have ranged from optical,, (migraines that produce a light show) on one or both sides followed by severe pain and nausea and vomiting, migraines that cause temporary paralysis of face, arms hands, inability to form speech and severe dizziness and double vision. i am 57 years old now and still have them, though less frequently as I have gotten older. I also was diagnosed with stage 4 endo at age 26 and underwent a complete hysterectomy at 27. I must tell you that as bad as the early menopause was, it didn’t hold a candle to the agony I was in for years before the surgery due to the endo. I had extreme pain, bleeding, mood alterations, weight loss and general declining health. About 3 months after surgery I had a true light bulb moment when i discovered what it felt like to feel healthy and pain free. It was liberating.

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