Pity Party?

I sit here staring sleepy eyed at the computer screen.

My coffee has turned cold, my Kashi Pumpkin Spice Flax bar is but crumbs on my desk.

My EndoFemm has been reheated twice this morning and helping me to cope.

I’m desperatly trying to keep from reaching for that bottle of Cataflam in my medicine cabinet.

I really just want to climb into bed and hide from the world and wait out the pain. It’s hit a climax today. And the more I prepare myself for my April 8th Endocrinology appointment, the more I realize that A) I could end up starting next week off with a pituitary tumor, B) and I may have to try Danazol, Lupron Depot, or Amiredex for my endometriosis before he will approve a hysterectomy. And here I am, in endometriosis pain, left in limbo land hell.

And it’s days like this I wish I didn’t work and could lay on my couch drugged up in a stupor. I know, this isn’t healthy, but I’m fed up with pain. FED UP! Chronic conditions stink. OK. If you’d like to be invited to my pity party, the door’s open, bring meds and kleenex. 🙂


One response to “Pity Party?

  1. Try a simple change in your diet that I recommended to my step-daughter who had been suffering from ovarian cysts, endometriosis and enlarged lymph nodes under the armpits. Replace whatever chicken you are eating with hormone-free organically grown chicken and switch to hormone free brown eggs if you’re eating the white ones. One of the little known causes of ovarian cysts and other female problems is excess estrogen and estrogen immitators from hormone fed animals and disposable plastic water bottles for starters. In 2 1/2 months of making this change and without any medications, vitamins, exotic herbs, etc. my step daughter returned to completely normal health. No ovarian issues; only healthy tissue as verified by her gynecologist. And her lymph nodes had returned to normal by the time the radiologist and surgeon checked her in pre-op. Nothing was found, everything is healthy again. Surgeries cancelled. Once the sources of the problems was removed, her body healed itself completely.

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