Pink Eye and the dance of misery

I have pink eye. The “highly contagious” kind. The “put these drops in your eyes every four hours” kind. The “yep, no work for you today” kind. Ugh.

I feel miserable enough with this cold, and while I would love nothing else but to stay home today and work on school work, having been told to actually stay home makes me not want to. It’s like rebellion or something. Yick.

And so, yeah, I have other things to do – more important things – than blog, yet I am blogging.

On an endometriosis note: I was in misery with it last week. I was nearly crying “take me to the OR! STAT!” And monday, I had these incredibly sharp pains shooting through out my lower abdomen, pelvis, and out my vagina and rectum. Never had anything like that in my life! During those brief, yet plentiful, bouts of misery I was contemplating walking into the hospital and doing my own hysterectomy.

 But enough procrastinating. I have stuff to do.


One response to “Pink Eye and the dance of misery

  1. Patricia Peterson

    I have pink eye. My co-worker gave it to me…..sooooo contagious, dang!!!!!!!! I cursed her when I woke today. Oh well…..

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