Endo Status

The above title applies to both Endometriosis and Endocrinology. See, I can multitask! 🙂

Actually, the title refers to both because this post will talk about both. Rather candidly, I might add.

My endometriosis is being a literal pain in the bum. I can’t even go to the bathroom without knowing “this is gonna hurt.” And there this area, where the groin meets the pelvis – the pain just shoots from that spot down my inner thigh. Awful. I hate it. Hoping my endocrinology appointment tomorrow will offer some helpful advice.

And that brings us to the endocrinologist.

The much anticicpated appoint is almost here. I can’t wait. For a month I’ve been in limbo land  – do I have diabetes insipidus? Do I have a pituitary tumor? What the heck is going? And I have a sneaking feeling that I will still know nothing when I walk out of that appointment. I need to group my self and come up with some specific questions. I need to take a notebook and write down what he says. I need to get a grasp of this situation before it becomes to big for me to hold onto. Unless it already has.


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