Still in Limbo

The appointment went, well, interestingly. We are no longer leaning towards a tumor. Thank goodness. He is also unsure if it’s diabetes insipidus because he misunderstood me about the drinking water. I told him I don’t consume large amounts of water because it makes me need to potty MORE than I already do. If I’m going to the bathroom every 30 mins or so now, imagine what my life would be like if I kept drinking water all the time. I think he thought I meant I’m not thirsty all the time, which I am. So who knows.

He took more panels for my thyroid and sent me home with the collection equipment for a 24 hour urine collection. Goodie. But I was under the impression he wanted this done soon and the lab is saying I can’t turn it in until May 5th! I may call them today because I’m confused. Who knows.

But he is thinking if it is DI then my pit gland, the posterior part, the cells are dying. I don’t know about you guys, but this doesn’t sound nice. “Mrs. Endochick, your cells are dying. Your body is just shutting down starting with your pit gland. Have a nice day!” I know, a bit dramatic but still. I’m 28 not 78 – which is why they are concerned about the hypothryroidism. Yeah, fun.

I have more to say but must do so later. My house is a mess and it’s threatening to take me over. I need to get to the store and then swing by the docs and pick up some test results and then look them up before he calls me. Yeah, I’m taking charge. I don’t trust doctors right now. They are all seem to be scratching their heads too much when I come in the room.


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