Other uses for common objects

I’ve previously written of my love for my Endofemm heating pad. This pink corn-filled wonder has it’s own place on my desk so I can conveniently get to it when needed. Well, my husband has been suffering from wisdom tooth pain and will be having extractions tomorrow. 😦 Saturday he had been in pain all day, tried prescription pain med and still was in pain. I begged him to try some heat, and finally he listened to me. I had had my wisdom teeth extracted and had been in terrible pain with them prior to surgery and heat had been my best friend. Well, the only convenient way to put heat on his jaw was to do so with the Endofemm! It looked a bit silly, and he wouldn’t let me post a pic. But it helped. Within ten minutes he said he was feeling better. He used the heat a few more times off and on that night to ward off the pain and hasn’t needed it since. Maybe he’ll listen to me more often. Hmph. lol. But the Endofemm’s nice design with the waist belt attachment served as strap for his head. It did look funny but that sucker held. He was able to hang at the computer with that thing on his head. I was impressed.


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