The Bums Rap

I went last Wednesday for the flexible sigmoidoscopy. And that actual procedure wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Of course I almost didn’t make to the procedure and nearly got myself a trip to the ER! I arrived there feeling perfectly fine and calm. I really wasn’t nervous because I had this done when I was a kid, and seeing as I couldn’t remember it among the other horrid things the doctors had put me through, it mustn’t had been that bad. Right? So I’m sitting there in the waiting room minding my own business, reading my textbook. There’s a lady across from me jabbering away on her phone and a tv in the corner talking about journalism students. Then suddenly I can’t hear them anymore.

Slowly, as if in a dream, I look up at the tv. It’s still on.

I look over at the lady. She’s still talking.

Now I’m getting light headed. I’m going to faint!

I get up and I’m finding it very hard to breath. I’m feeling cold.

I get to the nurses desk. I stare at her. She asks if she can help me and I try to say something, but can’t. I want to yell “help me,” but nothing is coming out. I feel my body wanting to drop. My heart is beating outside of my body. It’s too fast. Too fast!

Another nurse gets off the elevator behind me as the one in front of me is asking me if I’m ok. I think I’m waving my arms. I’m not sure. Things are going white. Then fine. Then white. I’m cold. Why am I cold?

The nurse behind me grabs my hand as the nurse in front comes around.  “Faint,” comes out of my mouth. “Help.”

My pulse is rapid and bounding. They are carrying me into a room and putting me on a bed. One of them places a cold rag on my head.

I think I’m talking. I’m not sure.

An hour passes and I finally stabilize to the point where I can move without getting the feeling that I’m gonna pass out. It was frightening! They contemplated sending me to ER, but I wasn’t clammy or sweaty. Just my pulse was bad and I couldn’t move a fraction of an inch without my blood pressure falling and me getting super dizzy.

But, in the end, I was able to proceed with the procedure. And he found Proctitis. He sent some samples of the inflammation to pathology to see how we should treat it, but from how it sounds like he’s thinking of treating it, I think he’s thinking it’s Chron’s Disease. It could still be Ulcerative Colitis, as well.

Anyway, I should hear from then any day this week. If it is the Chron’s or Colitis, I will most likely be spared from a hysterectomy – as my gyno had felt this was either largely Chron’s or Colitis. So, we will see.


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