Hacking Monday ooooo

I was up till 2 am hacking with this sinus/allergies/cold whatever is going on virus from hell. And I feel terrible. I want the doctor to call today and tell me what’s going on. I haven’t been able to have a bowel movemen’t in three days – previously was doing fine – and just hate resorting to dulcolax.  I’m sorry, but that stuff just wasn’t meant to be cycled through in the fashion I’m using it – every other week. It’s ridiculous!

Right now I’m miserable and just want to crawl into bed and close my eyes and go to sleep. I can’t, though, because I have school work and my daughter still hasn’t left for her grandmother’s. And I have to work this afternoon. And I need to take that Advil Allergy Cold Medicine my hubby left for me, eventhough it makes me jittery and spaced out, because it does help me breath at least. And at least the hot coffee is helping my throat. I just may have to drink pot after pot to keep talking today. I don’t know. It’s just NOT my day!



One response to “Hacking Monday ooooo

  1. teacherswife99

    Cold meds make me whacked out too… the only thing I can take is the advil cold and sinus in the red box.. doesn’t have the stuff in it to whack you out but I think the green box stuff does.

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