Quick Update

Just logging right quick for an update. Under the weather so not wanting to post a long entry. Got the biopsy results back – no chron’s or colitis. He thinks the inflammation is from inflammation caused my allergies – most likely seasonal. Mild, though, so likely to just clear up on their own. He did suggest increasing my already increased fiber and water intake and possibly going vegitarian as I was thinking. Seeing if it helped to eliminate dairy as well as gluten. So I may slowly take one away for a week or two then bring it back and do the same with the other for the next week or two and see if either makes a difference. more later when my head doesn’t feel like a bomb’s about to explode.


3 responses to “Quick Update

  1. teacherswife99

    I was wondering too about celiac which is what they are thinking is possible if you’re being told to try going off of gluten. If that is the case then you need to be TOTALLY off of gluten for at least 30 days to know for sure and then slowly bring it back in and see if you react. A gluten free diet is very difficult. Now labels make it a little easier but there is hidden gluten in almost everything. I have done the gluten free thing before and it’s ALOT of work.
    Good luck!

  2. My daughter was born with dairy and soy allergies and was like this for a little over her first year. Thankfully, she grew out of it. Dairy still makes her a bit gassy if she eats too much, but it’s tolerable. And she has a patch of rash on her chin which I think is allergy to something she’s eating – but hopefully not because she’s my only good eater! Her brother is PICKY! But, yes, it’s hard eliminating something from the diet when it’s not properly labeled. With soy, they sneak it in food as additives and the FDA allows them to change the labeling of the ingredient. So I would feed her things and be unwillingly making her sick. It was a very touchy adjustment period that ended up with her just becoming a naturalist – veggies, fruit, and homemade meats.

  3. I’m SO glad that the tests came back negative. I know it’s frustrating still to not have a positive answer. Hopefully some of the diet changes will help. I know changing to organic meats and dairy have helped me a TON! I was tested for celiac as we went back and forth on my GI issues. They can do a test for that-but, you don’t want to be on a diet then because then it won’t show up. Not that the test is 100%, but, might be easier than trying to cut out gluten fully right away? That seems like it should be a step 2-that’s HARD to do. Although, the previous poster was right-there are TONS of options for gluten free these days.
    Hope you are feeling better from the headache. I’ve got one myself. I feel like I need a really good massage!

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