In Bed

I’m in bed…

My husband has confined me here. Sweet, sweet man.

I awoke this morning, dizzy with a nasty hung over feeling, to find him on the floor of our living room playing video games with the kids. He’d already emailed the boss and taken the day off. Didn’t think leaving his wife home alone with the kid’s while she was all blacking out and stuff was a good idea. Nice.

Then I was sent to bed with my drink, my laptop, my netflix and I’ll be leaving soon to have this holter monitor taken off. I don’t want to leave though cause getting up makes me incredibly dizzy and lightheaded. But I would like to have a shower and can’t do so until this is off.


4 responses to “In Bed

  1. It’s great to have such wonderful support. I hope that things get better, and soon!!! Have you had heart issues before? Very frightening. Could be stress/anxiety? I’ve had panic attacks before-they are terrible. I hope it’s nothing serious! Did you have your ears checked (you said something about an ear infection?)?

    God Bless!

  2. I used to have panic attacks and had to go through therapy. I no longer have them, no what triggered them, and so know how to stop them if in the event I would be getting one. Hmm. I am certainly stressed out with all the stuff on my plate right now – health, school, work, family. It’s too much to juggle. They did check my ears, and while they were ok, he could rule out the possibility of inner ear infection and so prescribed mexclezine. He’s done so in the past, as well, for my dizzy spells and fainting spells, and he was leary to do so now – as he felt it was pretty pointless – but he wants to cover that base. I thought it couldn’t hurt.

  3. Hey there. Hope things are going well!

  4. Thanks. I really should be doing better at answering these comments when I approve them. Silly me.

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