The Holter That Could

I’ve had a very interesting terrible afternoon. I was sitting at my computer and suddenly I felt as if I were having a panic attack or passing out. I couldn’t focus, my heart was racing. I got up and went into the kitchen, clutching the sink. I couldn’t hear anything, got cold, began whiting out. Sound familiar? (See The Bums Rap).

I regain control – what little I had left – of myself and phone my doctor. I get in later that after and schedule someone to watch my kids. I’m left shaky and plain out of it. I’m shaky and spaced out. You would swear I was popping some illegal street drugs or something!

It was nothing short of frightening. So I get into my doctor’s office, and I’m sitting there in the waiting room, and I nearly go down again. Then, when I’m waiting for the doctor to come into the examining room – my body starts going all whack. He even says it’s scarying him! Lovely.

Well, it turns out my heart rate is skipping beats and doing the whole speed up, slow down bussiness again. I’m sent for a holter monitor and sent home with script to help with the dizziness. yay.

If this shows something fishy, which he’s thinking it will, then it will be off to the cardiologist’s for a 30 day monitoring. Lovely.

Possibilities he threw around:

Inner ear infection (Likely because of the cold I had / Unlikely because this isn’t the first time it’s happened

A new type of migraine (um, freakin’ lovely – not)

Seizure of some kind (WHAT?!)

Am I falling apart?

To add to the fun, my nurse case manager that my lovely insurance has given me because they are worried that I am indeed falling apart, calls right after I experience this. She immediatly picks up on something wrong and urges me to see someone immediatly. I tell her I’ve made an appointment and she says she’ll call me in a day or two. This lady must be scratching her head. I think I’m going to send a copy of this blog to the writer of House M.D. and say “look here’s your next season opener.”


One response to “The Holter That Could

  1. Been following you for a while with blog surfer. Sorry to hear about this weirdness. I know how you feel. Minus the Holter.

    And…I’ve had the same thoughts about House.

    The *good* news about migraine – if it ended up being migraine – is that they might be able to get it under control with meds. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself about this migraine variant stuff.

    I’m thinking I need me a nurse case manager!

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