The day of the Doctors

Yesterday was a whirlwind day. It was crazy, but good.

To begin:


I arrive and park my car. I plug the ear phones into  my ears and put the jack thingy into my cell phone and hit random on my music player  and what comes up? The Imperial March from Star Wars, which I had no idea why it was in my phone, but sort of fit the occassion and gave me that extra boost I needed to barge into Dr.’s office and demand the attention I needed.

Turns out I have autoimmune thyroid disease and he doubled my dose of thryoid medicine. Hopefully this will help me to feel somewhat normal soon. I also mention the smoke odor I keep smelling on occasion that no one else is smelling. He, too, was concerned. He did say he’d heard it before. My other doctor said it could be tied to migraines and seizures. He was going to look it up. My tests all came back and pointed to further testing for Diabetes Insipidus so he is scheduling the water deprivation test. I am to call Thursday morning and find out when that will be – it will be soon.


Yeah, so, this was pretty much a waste of time but needed to close my case with the pee docs. 🙂 It was nice, I might add, to cross a doctor off my list for a change instead of adding one to the list. But there really wasn’t anything the urologist could do for me. He couldn’t give me any bladder control meds because that would render the water dep test pointless. So, all in all, it was a quick visit.

So I have another autoimmune disease because scientist are already thinking endometriosis may be an autoimmune disease. Lovely. They also think all of this is tied to my migraines.

During my second trimester of pregnancy with my daughter I started passing out – sort of like I’ve been doing recently. I was refered – reluctantly – to Cardiology for a holter monitor because of my heart murmur. I was then diagnosed with dysautonomia and told to wear compression stocking, increase my salt intake and water intake. I was to take every measure possible to avoid extreme heat and dehydration. My delivery of my daughter was nothing short of traumatic. I had contractions, five minutes apart for a week before they would admit me. They finaly had to admit me because her heart rate was unstable. When they broke my water there was meconium in the fluid and was given 4 hours to deliver before a c-section. Literally 4 hours later she shot out of me like a canon ball. No one was prepared. The doctor was literally pulled from another delivery – he had to leave in the midst of sewing up a woman and they dressed him enroute. My daughter was practically out by the time he got there and he almost dropped her. She came out with one arm stretched out like under dog coming to save the day.

Holy freakin’ crap – When I looked up dysautonomia for that link above I was reading and I quote: “In other cases, the heart may race (tachycardia) for no apparent reason (known as Inappropriate sinus tachycardia),the patient may experience severe migraines regularly, or the kidneys may fail to properly retain water (diabetes insipidus).” WOW.

It’s like one huge Pandora’s box has been opened. Am I about to be cursed with another summer suffering with the compression stockings? Oy.

(I edited this post because I am finding myself jumbling things in the past days and not making sense. Doctors appointments are jumbling together. Forgive me and bear with me. I will get it all straight, eventually.)


One response to “The day of the Doctors

  1. Man, what a day! I have recently heard about seizures and people smelling weird things. That is so strange. I hope they get it all figured out-will the Thyroid medication help with the migraines and all that too? So, you are being tested for a few other things as well? God bless you!!! Maybe all these findings are a blessing in disguise and you’ll be feeling better soon!!! I hope so!

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