Ugh ugh ugh ugh

It almost happened again at work yesterday afternoon. Thankfully I only had 30 or so minutes or so left in the shift and decided to just push through it and walk about on my knees with a rag on my neck. It was a bit embarrasing when a few dads came in and asked if I was ok and I busted into a ball of tears. They probably think I’m mental. Great. And man, I am so freakin’ tired today.

I have to get going because I’m supposed to be doing this whole chaperoning field trip to a park thing this morning for my son. Lovely. It’s like chilly out and they are doing park and picnic. I wonder how odd it will be if I just hide out under a tree with earbuds in and my eyes closed and nod off for a bit. Will anyone notice? lol

I really hope my doctor calls and I have to call my other doc because I STILL haven’t heard about my holter results and they said they would call me! RIDICULOUS!


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