Oh dear, Oh my

I have literally a mountain of homework to tackle this weekend, and giving that it’s a nice three day weekend, you’d think I’d be jumping for joy over the time to catch up, but I’m not. Why? Because Monday is already taken up with two family parties and so my day will not be spent playing catch up like I need to be. 😦

My husband says this is good because we need breaks. It’s good for us, to de-stress, to have breaks in our routine. He heard this on the radio. Well, that’s nice and all, but I really don’t have time for breaks in my routine at this point. And plus, I do have the occasional break when I log on here to blog for a few precious seconds to spare what little sanity I have left.

BTW – I did finally hear back from the Dr. Moron last night – or more-factly Nurse Moron. The holter looked fine. Well, duh. Of course it looked fine. It will because they always slapped the thing on AFTER I pass out. And plus I don’t think it’s my heart, I think it’s the nervous system. I’m just bypassing my GP and keeping with my endocrinologist and neurologist for now. I think my GP is a certifiable idiot and I plan on switching doctor’s as soon as I can. My husband actually gets to see his doctor while I always have to see the PA’s who are baboons with walnut brains. OH well. Can you tell how fustrated I am? I just don’t need this right now. Don’t.

Alright now to tackle that mountain of homework…


3 responses to “Oh dear, Oh my

  1. re: endo – have you ever checked out the ERC (endometriosis research center), centerforendo.com, endoexcision.com. endometriosissurgeon.com,….or had your hormone levels checked?



  2. Ahhhhhhhh, beloved PA’s-not that some of them aren’t competent, but, when you go to the Dr. 4-5 times about the same thing, don’t you think at SOME POINT you could see the MD?! Yeah, that happened to me too-I understand completely!!! I’m not going back to mine either. Stick with the experts! Good luck with the homework-and happy memorial day!

  3. Thanks. And you too!

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