Playing catch up

Thought I would blog while waiting for my aunt and cousins to come over. I’m interviewing them for a documentary I’m doing for one of my classes. It’s for my theology class – Women in Religion – and I’m super excited about this project even though it means I get to learn how to, well, edit video and things of that nature. I’m also taking a film class that’s part of my major so I’m learning all these neat things about film editing and I’m using these techniques to make the theology documentary even better. I’m just eager to get the final cut done and see what it looks like in the end. Hopefully it will live up to my expectation.

I had a rough Memorial weekend and didn’t get much time to blog about it. Sunday night my sister came over wanting me to go with her to the store and run in and buy some pads for her. She had had a misc rarraige and they did a vaccuum assisted delivery to speed the process up the day before and then she had to travel up here from Kentucky. She had been doing ok and then suddenly began bleeding badly and not feeling well. I convinced her to let me take her to the emergency room. After pulling an all nighter there, we learned she had Endometritis, which is an infection of her womb, from the shotty job the military hospital did on her. She was given antibiotics and pain meds and we were released to go home and crash. By 7 am I was in my bed and in a coma. I didn’t wake up till 1:30 that afternoon and had to rush to get ready for my cousin’s graduation party.

I then rushed home from that and had to write a 6 page paper on Bram Stoker’s Dracula, which I hope made some sense. I was out of it Monday.

On the health front: My endocrinologist still hasn’t called. His nurse called and said she left him a note to call me. I think these doctors think I just feel like hanging around and being a guinea pig. I don’t know. On the plus side, I haven’t smelled the burning smell as much since I almost passed out last week. Odd, I know. I did smell it once Monday morning and haven’t since. Maybe it’s passed? I can only hope so.

My endometriosis was hurting yesterday, though, to the poin bathroom. where I almost put heat on it. I didn’t, though, because I felt that it would stimulate my bowels and I’m tired of being in the toilet. Oh, did I mention I was having another one of my frequent bouts of consitpation and, reluctantly, I had resorted that morning to taking some dulcolax to sort the problem out. Well, guess what decides to begin working right when we arrive at hospital? Yep. Go figure. So as my sister is sitting comfortably in her bed, all doped up, I’m running back and forth to the bathroom like a maniac. The nurses look at me like I’m a coke addict rushing to and fro with a bad drug habit in a need a fix every ten minutes. And by the time we leave, having been to the bathroom a total of like 14 times with only half an apple juice in me the whole night, I am probably in the condition of needing a hydrating IV. Oh, woe is me. lol Instead I just cozy up in my bed and try not to throw up. And now I’m suffering from these like back-to-back migraines that I’m sure are from the lack of sleep from this weekend, coupled with sinus pressure/pollen hell this area of the county is in, and the stress of having to do one assignment a day or lest I fail out of something this semester – which is just totally NOT going to happen. OMG! I’m going to explode!

And my husband and I get into a mini-long talk last night over the whole “is the hysterectomy still on the table” discussion. I really, really don’t want it to be at this point. Don’t get me wrong. I went int othe option all guns blazing, and I’m doing it. And now, I’m just not wanting my parts removed my person. Period. I want doctors to stop and decease, put their scalpels down and walk away from my body. They are clearly not doing the best job here, so they need to back off. Right. I told him I will be discussing the implications of Lupron on my migraines with the neurologist at my appointment next month. He was weary about this, but seeing as I was too busy to give a crap, I said we’d discuss it later. What other options do I have really? I don’t want cut on anymore at this point. I already Mirena living in utera. I may as well have some Lupron swimming around wreaking havoc with my hormones. Geez.

Ok I’m going to stop ranting and swimming in self-pity and return to homework. Yay.


2 responses to “Playing catch up

  1. I’ve had stage iv for a long time, 3 surgeries, a year of syneral, and to be honest what worked best was continuous birth control pill, I was in virtually no pain for almost 7 years (I went off them hoping to get pregnant – ha!). Good luck with all your decisions.

  2. So many decisions! We deserve days of self pity sometimes 😉 It’s not easy, any of it. Even with my decision, I questions myself often-I think any decision I would have. It’s hard not being able to have the “right” answer there. Good luck with everything!!We’ll be thinking of you!

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