Friday Update

Just thought I would blog a quick update before tackling my assignment of the day, which I think will be Creative Nonfiction. I only have two left in that class. I finished Fiction the other day, and boy did that feel good. 🙂 It’s nice to see the end of one of these tunnels I’m going down. lol


Tuesday – I believe I blogged already about my horrible day of syncope and near syncope experiences and the moron doctor. After running the EKG and reviewing the holter moniter he concludes that it’s not my heart but my brain doing this – more specifically likely dysautonomia or seizures or something to that affect. In all honesty, I think this case is so out of his ballpark it scares the crap out of him and he was just trying to get me out of his office.

Wednesday – I got to work because he never said I couldn’t. Yeah, people object when I get there. “You shouldn’t be driving around until you know if you’re not going to black out!” Well, duh, but what choice do I have? Now really? I know for a fact they won’t call in a sub last minute. They just won’t. But all is well, for the most part. I do have a tiny moment while sitting on the gym floor. My heart begins to race and so I excuse myself to the bathroom and get drink of ice water from the fountain. I sit down and take some deep breath and just close my eyes. It’s very cold in the hall way and thankfully, it passes quickly. I still feel a little strange, but never get worse. Later that night I’m sitting on the couch watching Dan in Real Life – a funny, lighthearted romantic comedy movie. The kids are over to their aunts. The house is quiet. My husbands on the computer. And I’m watching the movie, enjoying it and relaxing when all of a sudden my heart starts racing very fast, and I feel like I’m being pulled down. It takes about ten minutes to pass and I feel like I could literally white out twice during the whole episode but don’t. My husband makes me finish the movie from our bed, since lying down seems to be the only thing that helps.

Thursday – A few episodes where my heart started racing or I felt a little light headed but that was it.

My husband e-mailed me yesterday and asked me if I was having a good day. I replied to him: “Yes. I haven’t passed out!” He replies that normally someone wouldn’t answer that question like that, but seeing as it’s coming from me, that’s a very appropriate answer. Given the week I’ve had, if I can say I haven’t passed out, then that is good.



2 responses to “Friday Update

  1. I still think you should call the neuro…he may have no idea what’s going on. Passing out, or almost passing out, on a daily basis is NOT a good thing. My thoughts are with you!!! I hope your weekend goes well!

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