I’ve noticed…

I’ve noticed that recent post have strayed from the topic of this blog. But this is a health blog. It will focus, primarily, on my over all health not just endometriosis. But endo is the big picture. Is it not? Like I call it, endo is just one piece is the giant puzzle that is my whacked out health puzzle.

But I want to briefly tackly why I haven’t had the need to write so much about my endometriosis right now. As with all chronic conditions, it waxes and wanes. Endometriosis goes through moments where it’s quiet as a mouse, lurring it’s sufferer into a false sense of securty. You may even begin to believe it’s possibly disappeared from your uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and whatever other odd organ it’s attached it’s amebic self to. But then one day, out of the blue – and usually when you least need it to – Endo walks up to you door at 3 am banging on it and yelling drunk obsurdities. Endo becomes that black sheep family members no one wants to admit they know, but who shows up at family functions anyway. Endo becomes that annoying boyfriend you dumped but who insists on coming ’round when he’s been drinking all night and needs a couch to sleep on. That’s how endo behaves. And right now my endometriosis is being controlled with the Mirena and the Endofemm, when needed. And my other health issues – which seem to be much scarier, are taking precedence. So I apologize if you come to blog in search of endometriosis information and find other topics that leave you confused. It’s just I write what’s relevant. And right now this syncope-smelling smoke-migraine drama is taking precedence over endometriosis. Sorry.


3 responses to “I’ve noticed…

  1. Interestingly enough, though, there is a strong link between endo and migraine from all of the research I have been doing. Kind of like Endo brought along a friend, took off for couple of days, and left the friend stranded behind…


  2. I have a feeling all our issues are connected in some sick way-hate it!!!

  3. Yes, I feel the same way.

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