And so it is…

“Just like you said it would be
Life goes easy on me
Most of the time…”

I wish life would “go easy on me” at least once in while. It surely hasn’t been in the case these past two days, that is for sure.

Yesterday, while on the playground at work, I was overcome with dizziness. I tried my techniques: sitting with my head between my knees, gentle and deep breathing. But nothing worked, and eventually I found myself near syncope. I had one of my assistants run and get the boss who took me inside, which wasn’t an easy feet since I couldn’t even open my eyes lest I get so dizzy I throw up. Talk about a long and trusting walk. But I trusted her – she’s my sister-in-law. And I sat in the nice air conditioned office with a giant bag of ice on my neck for like 15 minutes and it should’ve helped! Still I had like 2 more episodes and a near white out! I couldn’t figure it out! I was just SITTING THERE! She eventually convinced I was going home and called for my father to pick me and my kids up. It took him and my grandmother to carry me to car. When my husband got home shortly after that, and thankfully the dizzyness had pretty much subsided – but my earache had come back in full force – I insisted on going to walk-in-clinic.

I ended up with an ear infection and a sinus infection.  The nice doctor, to whom I’m switching my care to the second I get a chance, was very concerned that my primary doctors hadn’t done a scrap of bloodwork concerning the near syncope and syncope episodes I’ve been having. I told her about my afternoon and she told me my ear and sinus infection is aggrivating the underlining conditiong, whatever that may be, that’s causing those episode- especially if it’s neruologically based. So if I want any chance of normalcy until my July 18th appointment I need to get those infections cleared up quickly, and she gave me the beloved Z-pack. Then she ordered some blood work forr me to come back this morning to have done. There were 3 large vials, 1 normal tube, and then 1 very skinny and long tube. Not sure what all she was testing. I know one was iron, inflammation (cause I’m having back neck pain for over a week), and one is a basic panel. Not sure what else, though. Should’ve written them down.

I’m supposed to go for my work physical tomorrow, so I’m hoping some of that blood work is in and I can get my incompetent PA’s opinion on it. I’m also emailing my insurance today on what’s involved in switching doctors. And I have a film research paper to finish and a math assignment to finish – that will finish all but one class for this semester. Man, my stress level should be reducing if it weren’t for my health status.

And, I know I posted about my endo taking a break. Well, apparently Endo is jealous and feels it needs to kind of linger – not really make a full-on presence, just sit in my pelvis and let me know it’s there, aching like, dully off and on. Like at 2 am. And then at 4:40. And again at 6:15. And get me up throughout the night for bathroom visits. Yeah, cause it’s a very jealous disease, isn’t girls? It likes to hog the spotlight.


2 responses to “And so it is…

  1. BUZZ OFF ENDO!!! Argh-like there isn’t enough going on right now!

  2. Alexandra Carmichael

    Wow, that sounds rough, endochick. I’ll be thinking of you and hoping it eases up for you soon.

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