I failed my renewal work physical…

I was put off of work until my neurologist can determine the cause of my near syncope episodes.

My GP actual did something right for a change and was able to get my neuro appointment moved from July 18th to June 27th – next week! Thank goodness.

Hopefully I won’t be out of work too long.



2 responses to “Well…

  1. Gracious! 😦 I hope they can get things figured out soon!!! I’ll be saying some prayers for you. I know this has got to be so amazingly frustrating. Make them listen to you…make them understand you need relief and answers, yesterday!

  2. Hey, I came across your blog while doing some endo research. I have endo also, was in horrible horrible pain (all the time, not only during periods), had 2 laparoscopies to burn off the endo, had it on my bladder, bowel, pelvic wall, and still had terrible pain so I was about to start Lupron. But after reading more about Lupron I really didn’t like the sound of the possible side effects, and it is not a long term way to manage the endo (sometimes only works for several months). I came across studies about endo and nutrition though, that discussed the relationship particularly between endo and wheat. Out of all the (MANY) doctors I went to, none of them had mentioned diet. Some women are also affected by dairy. I took myself off of dairy and wheat in February, instead of starting the Lupron shots. It took about 3 weeks to get out of my system but after that, as long as I don’t eat wheat/dairy (wheat is the worst), the pain has been very minimal. It’s actually been amazing. If you haven’t looked into the nutritional side yet, order Dian Shepperson Mills’ book “Endometriosis: A Key to Healing and Fertility through Nutrition.” Apparently the diet helps about 80% of women. Seriously, try it for two months and see what happens. Good luck!!!

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