Wipe Out Wed.

I’m not doing good today…

Man, that is becoming an all too commonly heard saying from my mouth and I’m sick of it!

I went to visit some people today, and during the visit I was stricken with an episode of intense vertigo. I was helped to the couch before got really bad and an ice pack was put on my neck. The right side of my face started going numb and tingling. I laid there still and quiet. I remained calm because, well, I’m getting used to these by now. It’s nothing new, yet still not fun.

Eventually it passed and I was able to get up and run to the bathroom – my usual signal that the worst is over. But this lingering vague vertigo still won’t let up. It hits me in waves. My ear feels clogged up again. And now my face (on the right side), ear, neck, shoulder, and arm are killing me. The muscle are spasming. I must stop typing. Is it Friday yet?


3 responses to “Wipe Out Wed.

  1. Sending hugs your way today!!! As I am typing, my face is a bit tingly as well…I’m going to try to sleep it off. It’s definitely FREAKING me out.

    God Bless!

  2. wow just google vertigo and it led me to your blog. I have the exact same problem.

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