Day of the Neuro

I saw the Neuro today.

The excrutiangly annoying facial numbness/tingling pain/muscle spasming into my neck, ear, and arm is Tigreminal Neuralgia from that ear infection I had a couple weeks back.

And while we are on the subject of that ear infection… he thinks that’s what causing the problem with the vertigo and the near syncopal episodes! First since I haven’t smelled that strange smoke smell since I completed the antiobiotics for my ear infection, he positive that was my olfactory nerve picking up the infection in my sinuses. I know, omg! What??!?!

So he’s sending me to the Dizziness Clinic – wow, I love the technical name – for a complete work-up. He’s concerned about permanent hearing loss in my right ear, or permanent damage to my inner ear causing a problem to my balance. And this maybe having an effect on my Complicated Basilar Artery Migraines. We are not sure and need to see what the work up with the Dizzy Peeps say first. Lovely. I can’t wait.

Until then, I am out of work still – in the day care, at least. I’m gonna look for some freelance writing work to keep me from going insane, and to help pay some of these doctor bills. Wish me luck.

Also, anyone know a good lawyer because I may be suing a GP. More on this later – it has to do with the ear infection and vertigo. Juicy stuff, people. Juicy. lol


One response to “Day of the Neuro

  1. I’m glad you are heading in the right direction!!! My OBGYN today suggested that my eye pressure/dizzy/tingling is a form of migraine as well-silent/eye migraines. UGH. Anyway, it’s nice to have answers and not feel so lost!!! I am going to see how my feelings go…if not better, I may be making a neuro appt as well. Wish you could have gotten there sooner!!!!!!

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