Coffee Talk

While I savor my bagel and cinnamon coffee, in the comforts of my own home because this Tegretol makes me too woozy to drive (no desire to do a field sobriety test today, thank you) and because gas prices are 4 bucks in my area, I’m enjoying the comforts of Endochicks Cafe and not a lovely bagel and yummy espresso drink from my fave haunt, Charlotte’s Tea and Coffee Shop. They are located on this antique block (they own the block) and the entire block is covered in lush greenery and flowers. I love sitting out at one of the cast iron tables in the summer time, getting lost in the garden, sipping away at my frappucino, and watching the people come and go from the various antique shops. The owners of Charlotte’s rent these homes, the homes are all Victorian structure, and the renters helped to paint them in bright colors. It is something neat to see. And I wish they had a web site. I didn’t get to do my annual Silly Hat Tea Party this year because of health and school issues (I’m sure readers of this blog can understand), but when I have in the past my mom, and sister and I would usually shop in the antique shops for our hat idea and little unique gifts for prizes. We once found a beautiful tea pot stained glass window hainging that had a message about friends coming together around the tea pot. We thought it was very appropriate and knew it was perfect as the grand prize that year for Best Hat.

I may have a few women over for a small tea afternoon. Nothing big, just tea. I need socialization. I’m couped up here with two kids – who thankfully go play with their cousin once in a while. But then that leaves with no one. Even if I just have my grandmother and grandmother-in-law, and ooooh, maybe my sister-in-law because I would love to see that little baby of hers before it officially becomes a toddler soon and begins talking back to people. lol. I’m not talking anything big – just making a pot of tea, tossing in some brownies or something easy from a box (lol I don’t cook, that’s my hubby), and just sitting down with my newest tea set and enjoying their company. I’ll have to mull on that.

I mean, I’m at least out of work until July 10th! The Dizzy Clinic called and I am to come in July 9th. And I have no idea who at this point releases me to go back to work. I really don’t want to go back. Honestly. I will, though, cause I need to. We need the money. But if I can find a freelance job I can do from home, I won’t go back. I enjoy laying around in my PJ’s too much. And I’m just not to keen on watching other people’s kids anymore. This break has solidified that for me. Maybe I had a mini stroke at some point because I changed along the way. I used to love day care, and now I just don’t.


One response to “Coffee Talk

  1. ha, i just found this – wow, these three things are all supposed to contribute to pelvic pain, just read this the other day – coffee, gluten and cinnamon

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