Time off…

Things I have done in my time off:

1) Sent out some much needed query letters. Not for the old projects that needed it, but for the new ones I’ve whipped up. But, well, I’ve sent some out and that’s what matters.

2) I’ve been writing and not for school. When a writer doesn’t write, they get all depressed and moody. And well, it’s not a pretty site. When I don’t write, it’s like watching a train wreck because I have no creative outlet. My husband doesn’t understand that a 6 page Film paper doesn’t count in the creative writing category.

3) My house has become cleaner despite my frequent vertigo, near syncopal episodes and falling asleep at random. Why? Well, because my day is no longer crammed with homework and gotta get to work by 2:30. I’m so much more relaxed. I can do my flow. Wake up, eat, write, eat, write, do housework in the afternoon once my energy kicks in. I’m not a morning person.

4) My son isn’t happy with the no longer going to play with his nose-picking “girls have cooties” friends. Yeah, well, mommy doesn’t have 130 bucks to shell out per week to send you to school, especially when she’s not working. My daughter, on the other hand, is content playing with the cat and computer, playing with her toys and not seeing another soul. She’s just like her father. My son and I, we are both about to flip our lids. It’s not that I want to go back, but I wouldn’t mind the company.

5) Enjoying the fact that if I struck with a migraine at say 1:45 I don’t have to think “great, I need to be at work in 15 minutes and now I’m gonna be doped up on Midrin!” Then proceed to secretly pop red Midrin pills every hour until my max dose is achieved while trying to coax 12 munchins to be quiet at the same time keeping as many lights off as State Safety Standards will allow. Thank goodness I don’t have the vomiting with my migraines. We had a girl working with us who would do that with her migraines as a warning sign… yick. Now that’s an ice breaker.

And so I’m off now to do all these wonderful things because I have nothing to do… lol


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