We have a birthday party cook-out to go to for my cousin. Usually I love going to these family events. The kids get to play with their cousin and I get to mingle with my peeps. It’s all good. And someone else cooks dinner. Yeah, good stuff.

But now that I’m taking the Topamax with the side dose of Tegretol, me and the sun are not best friends. Actually we are like that really close girl couple everyone knows in school, but one of the girls eventually steals the others boyfriend and the never speak again. Yeah, the sun just stole my boyfriend and I’m not taking her calls anymore. We’ve tried to hang out, but I just end up burnt and sick. It’s not worth it. So I found two new best friends – the air conditioner and this chick hanging with her, the watch it now feature on Netflix.

So I’m about to cheat on my two new best buds to go hang with the sun. It feels dirty, like I’m doing it behind their back. I would tell them but they wouldn’t understand. They would be all “But, Endochick, Sun makes you sick!” And how can I argue with raw honesty people? Seriously. I can not.

Yet I must go, because it’s a birthday party and little teeny boppers don’t understand these complex adult relationships. I don’t think I understand myself.


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