Sicky McSickers

Last night I was having this dream, a strange dream, that I was at some couples house in a strange big house and my stomach hurt. I didn’t know this other couple, but my husband was with me, and the kids. They had kids too, and all the kids got along famously and were playing great. Us adults sat down for dinner… pot pie. It looked scrumptious, but my stomach ache nagged me. So I make my husband go with me to get medicine for it, without telling the other couple we are leaving, and I’m driving. We are on this dangerous highway, but I’m handling it fine. All I know is my stomach hurt and I had to get out of that house, away from that couple.

Then I woke up… the clock is flashing cause the power had went out due to stormy weather… and my stomach hurts. I then spend the rest of the night with a heating pad resting on my belly. I couldn’t eat until 10 this morning because I was so queasy. When the stomach ache finally lifted, I risked eating half a bagel so I could take my meds. And then, like, 40 minutes or so later BAM headache and I could throw up. Rush to find a sitter for the kids, then I pass out for the afternoon. I didn’t wake up till 2. Yeah. Now my stomach hurts again, but I’m worried about putting food in it because, well, I’m not hungry. But I do need another round of meds tonight. 2 seizure meds require more than half a bagel.

I’m not sure if this is something I’m coming down with or s/e of the tegretol since I’ve been getting worse since I increased my dosage. I figure if it doesn’t get better, I’ll phone neuro. I just don’t want to stop taking it, because A) the Trigeminal Neuralgia is pretty much non-existant now, and B) I haven’t had anymore of those episodes. So, it’s doing something right.



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