Hormone Rollercoaster

My hormones are going for a ride and I just want to jump off!!!

I think that stomach pain I was awoken with the night before was endo pain. Why? Well, I was taking a nice, warm bath last night, reading a magazine and BAM – sharp pain in my pelvis. Yup, unmistakable endo pain is here. Goodie.

It doesn’t last long, but keeps coming off and on. Thankfully it wasn’t bad enough for a heating pad, because I couldn’t handle another night with a heating pad attached to my tummy as I rolled around in my bed. But I was able to survive without one. And this morning the pain isn’t bad, I’m just… tender. But, like, everything is tender…as if I were about to start my period. I can’t wear my bra because my nipples are extremely sensitive. But it’s only on ONE side! Insane.

And my hormones are just playing flip flop – one minute I’m in the mood for … well… you can figure that our yourself… you are all adults. Then the next minute I’m tired, or moody and grouchy. It’s like a hormone roller coaster. Up and down. Up and down. It’s insane. I just wish the hormones would level out into an even mixture – you know keep some and get rid of the grouchy.


One response to “Hormone Rollercoaster

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