I will not elaborate on the specifics, cause they are rather boring. I did some hearing tests… oooh ahh… and some neurological tests… oooh… ahh… then I had some goggles strapped on my head and my eye movements recorded as I watched a red light bounce around the room…. oooh… ahhh…

Not too bad. The worst part thus far? Not having my glasses on for 1.5 hours. I get a nasty headache if asked to try and focus on anything without my glasses seeing as I can’t see past my nose tip. Yup, I’m that blind.

But then came the caloric testing with the water in my ears. OMGAWWWW I about threw up. They first squirt warm water in your ear. And by “squirt” I mean gush it in their with a water canon! And immediately I was in dizzy ville, followed by “I’m gonna fall off the chair!” And the whole time the audiologist is asking me silly questions, no doubt testing my central nervous system memory recall or something. The last one she asked me was which Bachelor was my favorite. I couldn’t think of any names so I said, “The British guy cause I think British men are hot.” Wow, I still can’t remember that dude’s name – nor do I care. lol I just watched cause he was British. lol

Anyway, people, this test sucks and I’m sorry if you have to have it. All I can say it “ride the ride.” And you will feel blah all day and generally crappy. I did. I kept getting lightheaded.

That’s enough on “not eleborating.” lol. I have to do some portfolio work so I can APL out of some classes at school. My next class schedule just arrived in the mail last night and my advisor placed me in one of the classes I’m APLing out of! So I emailed him and was like “put me in something else, moron.” Ok. I was nicer than that. Maybe. APL – by the way stands for Applied Learning credit. It’s a way for adult learners like myself to prove that they already possess the knowledge of the class and don’t need to take it. And believe me, for what I’m paying a credit hour, if I can APL out of some things for a fraction of the cost and graduate sooner, the better. Well, off I got to get to work. Wish me luck.


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