Sleepy? Achy?

Last night I was reclining in my chair, doing something on my lap top. I don’t remember what. The kids were playing in the living room and my husband was talking to me. I started just drifting off. I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I was interested in what he was saying, so it wasn’t that. Yet, I couldn’t keep these eyes open! I told him I had to go to bed – AT 6 PM! All be it, I had stayed up really late the previous night (like 1:30 am) and been awoken by kidlets at 6:30, but I dozed in the recliner till 8 while they played on the computers. So??? What the monkey??

The next thing I know it, it’s 9 and my hubby is coming to bed! I’m thinking wow, roll over to go back to bed, but then think “oh no, I have to take my Desmopressin.” I jump out of bed, read the directions again, cause I’m not used to sniffing things in my nose. I do my med, get a sip of water (cause I have to watch my liquids now) and come back to bed. And end up talking to me hubby for an hour because I’m up! Of course, by the end of the hour I’m back into coma land. Odd. Usually it takes me time to fall asleep, but last night it was like “goodnight” and I was out before I hit the pillow. Even after having a nap. Usually I would’ve been up for a few more hours. Then this morning my hubby shakes me awake at 7 am, and at 9:48, with 2 cups of coffee in me, I’m still not fully awake. I think I could sleep ALL day! And my bones ache. I mean ACHE! MY BONES!!

I feel 90!


I don’t want to get up, cause it hurts.

I don’t know why. The new med? The old-new meds?

A virus?

Who knows?

But I feel ACHY!!!!


3 responses to “Sleepy? Achy?

  1. Hey there. WOW, I just caught up with your blog. Bless your heart-there has been so much that has happened. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you start this new medication. Is this something you’ll have to take forever?

  2. Dear EndoChick,

    I’m a fellow Endo sufferer, I have over the past 10 years been diagnosed with PCOS, Endometriosis, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Osteopenia, Fibrocystic disease, Breast Fibroadenomas and so on.. It seems to keep on getting worse as I get older..

    I just wanted to say how brave you are for writing all of this out – though getting all your thoughts out like this must be therapeutic in itself I’d imagine.

    This last year I’ve had 5 episodes now of being what you call “near syncope”. I thought I would pass out, my vision whited out and I couldn’t balance or walk more than from one room to the next. It also made me incredibly weak and sleepy. I didn’t know what they were, I live in a rural town in Australia and I also suffer the indignities of “ignorant / naive” doctors. Fingers crossed, I’ve found a new Neuro though and I’ve seen him once, but he doesn’t know about the syncope stuff yet. I want to get my GP to write to him about it. He’s got me having my 2nd ever MRI in a weeks time.

    I also take lots of meds, I’m taking 1000 mg of Tegretol each day, Actonel for Osteopenia, Ibuprofen mixed with 12mg of codeine (we call it ‘Neurofen plus’ here in Oz) for the Endo pains.

    On July 24th I go back for my second ever Laparoscopy and they’ll also do an hysteroscopy at the same time.

    I’m still single, no kids – just loads of pets instead 🙂 I just wanted to write and say Hi as it seems health wise, we have much in common. Wishing you the best of luck – I really hope for you and your family, they can help you get back on track as soon as possible!!

    Best Wishes,
    (my real name is Kerry)

  3. I am not Endo – Yep, I assume this is something I will have to take for the rest of my life as Mr. Endocrinologist hasn’t told me of any ways my pit gland will spontaneously regrow the cells that are dying off. Lovely.

    Immo –
    Thanks. I write this blog so that other women know they are not alone. I’m very frank about what I go through – and yes, getting it out there is therapuatic. But I’ve done countless searches in the past for “what is endo like” or “how does endo feel” to be left with vague accounts or textbook definitions. I was tired of it and decided I would change that. I hope I’m doing a good job.

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