Rough Afternoon Rant

*First, I think someone posted a ligit post I accidentally deleted it because it was in my spam folder. I always just delete spam messages without looking at them. But when I glanced down, I noticed it was from a poster who had commented on here before. Sorry.

I journeyed out into the heat to find my sister a birthday gift. I found one, too, at the first shop. And I love it, and I think she will, too. But then I apparently made the mistake of stopping by the day care I work for to drop off a copy of the documentary I did for school and some books I had borrowed from a co-worker. My boss asks me if I’m returning to work yet, and I can’t blame her for asking. That’s not why I’m upset. I’m actually near tears right now.

She had asked me if I was still having the fainting spells and I replied that they had gotten better with the new medicine, but that I still can’t tolerate the heat. Now, part of my job in the afternoon is going out on the playground for over an hour. I can’t stand outside in my yard in this 90+ weather for 10 minutes! She then comments, and she knows this because she’s my sister-in-law and she was there, that I was able to be outside at her moms. OK – I should’ve been assertive here and defended myself more. I should’ve pointed out that A) It was 83 degrees on July 4th. B) It was overcast most of the day so there really was no sun to deal with! and C) I spent a majority of my time in a frigid pool helping to lower my body temperature. I could’ve also pointed out that the other afternoon when I went swimming at her moms it was late afternoon, thus the high point of the sun was gone. It was also cloudy. While it was hot, I was in cool water. AND when I began feeling sick I WENT INSIDE. Forgive me if I didn’t make a seen and tell everyone I was feeling sick. Forgive me if I just said I was done swimming and got out of the pool, dried off really quick, and ran inside to change in the dark, cool house (where I stayed till I left shortly after that!!!).

I did point out that I am on Desmopressin and must control my water intake now. I can no longer take three bottles of water to down while out there for my hour 15 minutes on the playground. I’m beginning to feel as my husband feels, that I may not be able to go back there. And it’s a pitty because I did enjoy working with the women I worked with. But I can’t believe I encounter such prejudice from my own sister-in-law.

Forgive me if I’m kept inside this house all day, nothing to do outside of it. No job to go to anymore. Even school is on break. Forgive me if someone has the audacity to invite me to their house to do one of my favorite activities – swim – and I feel like taking the chance and doing it. Believe me, I paid for it that night. I felt drained and awful. But at least I got to do something fun for an hour. If I’m going to feel to like crap cause I’ve been in the sun it’s going to be because I was swimming not watching other people’s kids.


3 responses to “Rough Afternoon Rant

  1. You can’t stay inside and hide all day-EVERYONE needs a sense of normalcy!!! No one can blame you for that. An afternoon relaxing in a pool and sitting around is nothing like chasing kids around all day/afternoon! Don’t feel bad-you do what you need to do.

  2. Just wanted to say hello, as I’ve been reading for some time and loving it madly.

  3. I am not Endo – Thanks. I agree. As does my hubby. I cannot be expected to be a prisoner in my own home, nor will I feel guilty. I will not make excuses for having fun. Right now, I need all the fun I can get!

    Ken – Thanks and Hi, back at ya. I love that you are loving it. Stick around and enjoy the posts. Thanks for the support.

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