Aug. 29 Came Quickly

I wasn’t supposed to see my neurologist until August 29th, hence the title of this post, but seeing as they would have my report from the Dizzy Clinic in hand today, I figured I would give them a call. The Dizzy Clinic called me yesterday and said the vertigo, etc., wasn’t from my ears but I do have a slight hearing loss in my right ear that isn’t too concerning to them, which I already knew. Well, I thought, they think this is a manifestation of my complicated migraines so why can’t neuro man increase my meds and get my butt back to work? Good thought, right? Yeah.

So I call Dr. Neuro’s office and explain this lengthy plan to the receptionist, whom I’m wanting to relay it to doc or nurse. She just decides to fit me in sooner and see if he’ll clear me for work. Wow, did that plan back fire on me! She say I can get you in at 1 today or you can keep you August 29th appointment. Sweet, isn’t it, seeing a doc who is ONLY in office on Fridays! So despite it being 11, my kids being in the middle of lunch, and I’m not even dressed yet (shut up), I say yes. I would’ve been insane not to.

I run over there – his office is 30 mins away – is my husband’s hot no-ac-car hoping earnestly for an increase in meds to make my problems slip away and a slip that says “Endochick can play with children.” Or whatever will get me back to work. lol Instead, the doctor walks into the examining room weilding a pre-filled out Brain MRI form. I’m so caught off guard, it’s crazy. He’s reviewed the recommendations from Dizzy Peeps. He asks about the hearing loss, the vertigo, the eye pain, the migraines, the lightheadedness, the hell I’ve been living in, and tells me I’m getting a brain MRI. I’m not one to argue with a doc, but I do. I’m claustraphobic and prepaired to fight because every other doctor who has ordered an MRI for me has put up one hell of a fight on this open vs. closed MRI issue. Yet, he wielded. Rather quickly. Said it wouldn’t be a problem cause the Spine Institute has an excellent open MRI, better than the closed, and can do what he needs done. Great!

But then we go to the part of the appointment I dreaded. Can I go back to work? His reply, which took several minutes of eyebrow raising and weird facial contorsions on his part: “at least another month off.” Yikes.

My husband took it better than I thought he would, of course I was talking to him at work. He couldn’t go postal there. lol. I emailed my boss – still haven’t heard from her.

I’ve also been advised to stay out of the sun and absolutely no caffeine. Bye chocolate – I will miss you.


2 responses to “Aug. 29 Came Quickly

  1. I know it’s got to be hard missing work like that, but, just take it one day at a time. take the time to heal and rest and just be there for YOU (and your family of course). I’m glad they are going to check into it further. You don’t want meds prescribed for something that may or may not fix the problem…a short fix is not what you are looking for, I know. I know you wanted it to be an easy solution, but, hopefully this MRI will rule things out and you can get going on with your normal routine.

    When is the MRI scheduled for? Glad you got an open on! I don’t like scans…even the opens ones freak me out a little. Haha. it’s just the process I guess. 🙂 How long will it take?

  2. Thanks. It’s scheduled for the 25th, bright and early. Thankfully my sister will be in town this Monday (for good!) and she doesn’t work. She can come over and watch the kids – let them get up on their own and feed them. My hubby, or someone, will be driving me over there really early! Yuck. I hate early. I think they usually take 45 minutes to an hour.

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