Yay! and mixed nays.

The other day we were microwaving something and the microwave started sparking and spazzing inside like someone had set off firecrackers. Now this isn’t the first time this had happened, and we use the microwave sparingly, but this time is started smelling like smoke! So we immediately stopped the microwave and unplugged it cause I wasn’t in the mood for a full blown fire. But – this whole thing resulted in me finally getting a new microwave! Yay!

And this means I can safely use my endofemm again!!! I’ve been a little tender lately – probably because my hormones are off the charts! And everyone knows endo feeds on the hormones! At least I’ve noticed that when my hormones are bouncing off the wall or in an incline, my endo seems to act up or give me issues. It’s not bad right now, just uncomfortable. Like a nagging in my pelvis. I always wonder around this time if this is when I would be having my period if I didn’t have the Mirena in me, since the Mirena doesn’t stop ovulation just build up of endometrium. So I guess the whole hormonal process of getting your period would still be there? And now that my thyroid is at optimal level it would explain why my hormones are back to their old selves – which also explains why my endo is saying hello again. Just as long as it keeps peeping over the fence like a good neighbor and doesn’t coming blazing over for coffee and settles in like a parasite, we should be ok. Cause the hysterectomy is not on the table right now with all the mess going on. And once I do get back to work, when ever that will be, I’ll need to work for some time before taking 6 wks off to recoup. And I like the hormones, just not the endo that lives with them.


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