I’m going no meat

After reading this: Mass. Officials investigate possible Mad Cow in human, I’ve decided that I’m going totally no meat.

I swore off red meat in High School and did this for a couple years untile a doctor forced me to eat red meat at least once a month for my anemia. Then when I moved to the Dairy Belt (what I call the Midwest), meat became like a staple. Up until recently you wouldn’t see many vegan or even vegetarian dishes in restuarant menus where I live. And even in my small neck of the woods the best you’ll get is a kindly point the veggie side dishes, but in the larger cities – only a stones through away (and where we go out to eat most of the time anyway) – you will not only find main dishes and side dishes catering to the non-meat eating crowd, but restaurants that cater ownly to non-meaties. Unfortunately, my hubby is carnivore and will never change. I’ve tried to get him to eat some more variety of veggies other than the french fry and the mashed potato, but unless I can hide it in spaghetti (via the hamburger), it’s not going to happen. I do have him eating chicken nearly every night of the week, which I must say is a major improvement. And we tried turkey burgers. He loved them. I put garlic and onions and spices and doctored those suckers up, but still I couldn’t stand them. I’m just not a fan of the ground up texture, and he is. He won’t eat steak, but if I ground it up and put it on a bun – bam – instant hit.

But I have to find alternative to ground hamburger in this house. An article I read this morning, because I like to research things further (especially when it’s on a blog), stated that ground hamburger can contain spinal cord and brain tissue. This is why hamburger is the worst part of the cow to eat for Mad Cow contamination. I’m sure a respectable butcher isn’t doing this with their meet. And I always purchase my meat from a respectable butcher and I buy the ground silrion, even though it’s the most expensive, because it’s 99% fat free. I like not seeing a pool of grease when I fry the mess up. But my dad buys the store brand and he gets the cheapest, which is mostly fat and grissle. And little hard bits – gotta wonder now how much of those hard bits are spinal cord. YICK!

In the end, I would rather pop and iron pill and eat some kelp and green veggies to get my iron. I had a nurse tell me once that if you look at the intestines of a carnivorous animal they are small, this is because the meat is killed, processed in the stomach and passed very quickly so the fat is used for the optimal usage the animal needs. But if you look at the intestines of herbivorous animals, they are long – like humans. Because it takes longer for the body to absorb the nutrients from plants, and thus the digestive process should be slower. Humans really shouldn’t be meat eaters.

I can honestly say that I felt healthier when I didn’t eat red meat. I only ate chicken sparingly. I ate veggies and fruit in their natural state, when I could. I went through bags of salad mix, apples, you name it and I ate it. And when they told me I had to start eating meat again I did very, very reluctantly and covered everything in A1 sauce. I didn’t like the taste of it at first.

I know I have to take baby steps in this process – it’s easier that way and so my family won’t kill me. My daughter will enjoy the ride cause she is like me, a veggie and fruit lover. My son, just like his dad, and will probably remain so. I’ll just have to cook different meals.

The goal is being healthier. And not taking stupid risks – like Mad Cow disease – for something dumb like red meat.


4 responses to “I’m going no meat

  1. That’s awesome! Good for you.

  2. Good for you!! One book I would recommend is ‘You Don’t Need Meat’ by Peter Cox. It discusses anemia and meat consumption (in addition to other diseases that doc’s say you need meat to avoid) – I think you would find it very informative regarding getting your iron without needing meat.

    And if I may give a little blip about female empowerment and cooking different meals – if you’re in charge of cooking, and they don’t like what you’re cooking tell the boys to cook the meat themselves. That’s what my sister and I do when it comes to cooking at family holidays. We say to our dad and brother, ‘if you want a turkey, you have to cook it. you want meat of any kind, you have to cook it.’ And it was tough the first time – a lot of bitching from the testosterone-ridden side of the table. But after dinner, they were fat and happy and we haven’t heard beans about it since – my brother even requests certain dishes when we go to his friend’s houses for holiday parties knowing that the dish will be vegan. That was about 6 years ago and every year since, we’ve had vegetarian and now vegan holidays! Why put yourself through the extra work, when you know that veggies are what your loved ones should be eating to be healthy anyway? Why poison those you love simply because of their fear of change? You don’t need to force them to become vegetarian, but if you’re making the meal..I’m just saying, why put yourself out doing something that you really don’t want to do, or that must be done?

    Ok, that was my 2 cents…take it or leave it. Everybody’s situation and circumstances are different – but it’s something to think about.

  3. Thanks for the helpful advice, Sara. I’ll have to check that book out.

  4. Endochick,
    I don’t want to add fuel to any family disagreements about food but I think you’d appreciate the book “Fast Food Nation” by Eric Schlosser. It really gives you the nitty gritty about what’s in meat, among other things.

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