Tender Tuesday

I’m really tender today. I was tender last night, but it’s worse this mornining. Again, not bad. Not enough that I’m gonna justify lying around with a heating pad and tylenol, but if it gets worse I may just do that.

I’ve noticed Endometriosis pain seems to occur in cycles. It will hide away for awhile, be quiet. You almost don’t notice it’s there, or even forget that you have it then. Then one day your doing something innocent like bending over, or doing dishes, or who knows, and you’re reminded that, yes, you do have endometriosis. You get that familiar cramp, or pull, or sting. For me it’s that dull tugging sensation because of the adhesions. And then some cramping.

I would like a hormone panel done just to see where I’m standing now. I’m on so many things right now that can screw with them, because I’ve been there before. It would be nice to know my levels. And I haven’t had them done since, well, I was pregnant. I think. I know the endocrinologist ran many hormone panels but he focuses on thryoid and pituitary gland hormones. And I’m focusing more on the wider picture. I wonder if I can just call in and have then do that? My doctor so retarded he would need me to come in and explain to him why I, as a woman, would want a hormone panel ran.

Well, I really need to write something other than a blog and tweets today. I’m also trying to figure out how to add my Twitter feed to my WordPress page. I’ve found several tutorials explaining how to do this is RSS and so forth, problems is I have no clue what they are talking about. I even went in and added the RSS to my page but it’s not showing up anywhere when I view my page. And I have no clue how to edit CSS, or whatever that mess is. I used to build web pages in simple html, back in the early days of web development. I am so out of the loop now it’s sad. lol. I’m still searching for an easy way to get that feed on this page. If anyone can give me a hint, please comment. Thanks.

OK now I’m really going to go write.


One response to “Tender Tuesday

  1. Endochick,

    In my experience, docs seem reluctant to do much extensive hormone testing as a general rule. I think the tests are expensive and they have to justify ordering it to the big bad HMOs or something. All I know is I’ve gotten resistance when I’ve asked about hormone tests. Also, the times I have had hormone tests sometimes they were normal & and sometimes they were not. The funny thing is the times I was sure they’d be off, they were normal! It’s all so frustrating.

    As far as twitter is concerned, have you tried going to twitter.com itself and monkeying around with it there? I’m clueless about “RSS feeds” as I just began blogging on 6/1/2008. I have twiiter showing up on my BlogSpot site where people can follow me on twitter. My blogger friend had invited me to twitter and I accepted. After that, I just played around with twitter.com. I’m still learning twitter. For example, I still don’t understand why some people can receive direct messages while others just see general messages.

    Anyway, if you you get twitter running… I’m “jeanneendo”. Check out my new endo blog! 🙂


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