I decided to make this awesome ice cream cupcake recipe I found online for my daughter’s coming bday party, and I made the first batch of the vanilla (I’m making chocolate, too), and it barely put a dent in the bowl of batter! Yikes! I’m gonna be here all night. I peeked in, and unless they fall, I’m gonna have to reduce the amount of batter. The recipe calls for 2 tb of batter if you use the big cup cake tins – which I did, but they are risen too high to fill with ice cream. Think of a mini ice cream cake. Get the picture? I have to do the cupcakes tonight, freeze them over night, then fill with the ice cream tomorrow. I let this all freeze overnight again. Then I do the decorative whip cream on top and some sprinkles and freeze until the party. And the key is not to take them out until the guest’s have arrived so they don’t defrost and melt. I’m brave. Or stupid.

OK – yeah. I don’t know how big those cupcake pans were the lady who made this recipe used, but 2 lbs of batter produced… a regular cupcake! I tried deflating 12 of them with the bottom of a clean medicine bottle, but that didn’t really work very well. So I just iced the rest and let my kids have one. I just peeked though and the modification I made of 1 tb seems to work better. I tested this on just one batch of 6, and they look much better. Actually, they look like the picture directions on the web site for that step should look like. Maybe I’m getting somewhere.

But I have a lot of baking to do. And it’s so stinkin’ hot in here! I have the air on full blast and keep taking regular head dips into the freezer. lol. Drinking my water – as much as I can. The things we do for our kids. I just hope these things don’t melt before people can eat them.


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