A few days ago..

My fridge was left open over night – just a hair, really. But it was enough to make it really warm in full-of-freshly-bought-food fridge. I tossed all meat and cheeses and anything that looked bad. But I forgot one vital thing in the fridge that apparently needed to be kept at 30-40 degrees and hadn’t been – my desmopressin. Yeah. I’m an idiot.

So, it’s no wonder then that the next few days I was drinking like a fish and going to bathroom like a 78 year old man with a bad prostate (believe me, I’ve been around enough of ’em so I know from experience that that’s the best description). But I hadn’t made the connection. I hadn’t even considered that my medicine would’ve gone bad! And I kept taking it, and worrying that I was going to get water intoxication cause I was drinking too much water and taking the medicine at night. Yet – it was barely effective. So, no harm done.

But it dawned on me last night when I was getting my spray out of it’s box and I noticed that the label was messed up from water condensation. And then it hit me like a mac truck! Maybe it was that my medicine needed adjusting, but that I needed new medicine. So I went to Walgreens, talked with Pharmacist, and lo and behold – had it refilled. Thankfully my insurace ok’d it and I wasn’t slapped with 200 buck bill.

Then my endocrinologist’s nurse calls back from my call to them the other day re: “this stuff isn’t working anymore.” And I explain all of this to her, and she agrees this is likely it. Doctor was going to have me double the dose, but lets hold off on that over the weekend and see if the new batch of med works. If not, we’ll go with the new instructions from doctor. Sounds good to me. Also, she doesn’t think I’m getting enough to drink ( when the meds are working), and I expressed my concern over not knowing how much I need to limit. She’s checking with the doctor.

And now I have to dash out in this nasty heat (with ice cream cupcake in tow) for my daughter’s 3rd birthday party. They grow up way too fast.


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