Where did my morning go? I woke up at 6 and so I should’ve been able to get so much accomplished, but I haven’t. Now it’s already noon! I haven’t eaten since 8. Not hungry. But will make myself eat something small. I’ve been logging computer time at my desk and neglecting the things around this house that needs my attention. Problem is: I still have computer work to do! Ugh!

My endocrinologist’s nurse called me – she had called me back last week because I had phoned them. This when my med had stopped working and I was going to the bathroom once again like crazy. I told her at that point about my theory that it’s bad because I had left the fridge door ajar overnight. She agreed that this was a possibility and told me she would call back Monday. I was shocked, though, when she did because most doctor’s offices are such blahs at that. They say Monday and in Dr. langauge it turns into Thursday.

Well, I told her the dissapointing news that while the new batch is working great at night, it’s doing poorly during the day. I’m still experiencing frequent urination. She said Dr. is still out of office until next week but she was going to email him because my current fluid intake could dehydrate me if I’m not careful (and with DI you doin’t want to be dehydrated!). I told her over the weekend, when we were at my in-laws visiting, it was warm and I had to drink more water than I usually do and this just worsened the condition. So I’m stuck. I can’t decrease my intake any more, and I can’t increase it. I’m screwed.

She said they are in contact with Dr. via email (well, hmm, I have his email. I wonder if he’d respond if I emailed him?). So who knows when I’ll hear from him. And where is he? He’s like never there or something. She did say if he said I needed to be seen, there were two there who could fit me in. So I don’t know what that is about. I just need to know how to adjust my stinking fluid intake!!!!

I’m also trying to get this portfolio done for school. And I have this other class to work on that I’m doing a portfolio for so I can get credit for the class without taking it. I’m trying to show that I know the subject matter well enough that spending $312 a credit hour is a waste of my time and money. My first one is coming along great! I just need to buy more printer paper cause I just ran out. 😦

And my phone has been ringing off the hook – or off the cell all morning! It’s like I’ve become popular. I would like some peace and quiet. No kid’s tv in the background. No “she took my slinky!” No “Mommy, I want Dora back on!” Just quiet. But maybe I’ll get that tonight from 6-8:30 when they go to VBS at church. But then my hubby will be home and he’ll probably have the xbox on again. I’ll go to the bedroom and “hide.”

Busy day and it’s getting away from me…. yikes!


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