I have 4 projects on my plate and would like one off my plate by the time I hit the pillow tonight. Two are portfolios, so I would at least like to make progress in them. I know they won’t be completed by the end of the night – but possibly the end of the week. The other is a short story. I could get this done in no time. Tonight. I need to be relaxed before I can be creative. The other is a piece copywriting assignment. This won’t take long, so I know it will get done tonight. Maybe even this afternoon, if I’m lucky.

I can feel the beginnings of a stress headache forming on my brow, and I’m desperately hoping it’s not going to put a damper on my plans of having a productive afternoon and evening. I mean, no kids!! Just as long as this stupid headache doesn’t turn into a storm raging inside my head, I think I’ll be fine. I know I need to learn to pace myself, but I work better under deadlines and pressure.


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