Giving In

I gave in. It hurt too much. I had to.

When the pain reached a 3.5 out of 5 (my doc’s office uses a 5 point pain scale, don’t ask), I knew it was time to call them. I wasn’t expecting a miracle – or even an appointment. It was already 3 and they close at 4. And they were booked and couldn’t get me in but a nurse called me back at 4:30 and advised me with that high of pain I should be in ER. Not going to happen. But she said if I can manage at home over night, if the pain doesn’t intensify, then that’s ok. But if it’s get worse or changes, then go straight to the ER. And I will. I know better. Really, I do. But I will be going in at 9:50 tomorrow morning and have this cyst looked at. This should be fun – not.

Now I’m just trying to get through the night without going to the ER. Wish me luck. I just managed a slice of pizza and hoping it stays down. I’m so queasy and I know if it comes up that’s a sign I need to head to ER. This sucks major time.


One response to “Giving In

  1. God Bless you. And, good luck!!! 😦 I’m sorry for the pain!!!!

    I never heard about the shoulder stuff-with a burst cyst. If it hurts too bad, please go. You don’t want to mess with all of that.

    Thinking about you!

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