I’m so upset

I get my letter – “your annual Pap is due, make an appointment… blah blah blah.” So I call this morning thinking maybe I can get in soon cause of this cyst. It’s still there and still annoying!

But the nurse looks me up and my pap isn’t due until Sept. 25th, which was what I was thinking when I got the letter. But whatever. So I said well give me Laurie. Then she tells me this is Laurie’s last week. WHAT?!?!? She’s my favorite nurse practitioner in the world and one of deciding factors why I left my old gyno. I liked knowing that she had had endometriosis and had a hysterectomy at a young age because of it. When I asked her questions I didn’t get clinical answers I got real life experience answers. I got “this is what it’s going to be like..” answers. She also knew the pain of cysts because she had cystic ovaries before her hysterectomy as well. She knew that even the small ones can hurt when you have ENDOMETRIOSIS. This is something that the other NP Susan doesn’t grasp – because she doesn’t have endo. My NP took the time to talk with my neurologist about why I can’t be on hormonal BC pills because of my migraines. Susan, the first time I saw her for a cyst she tried shoving the pill down my throat even though I have a Mirena. “But it will help because the Mirena increases cysts.” Duh, I know this. But the Mirena is the ONLY thing keeping my uterus inside my pelvis right now! I was comforted knowing that Laurie was in the operating room when I had my lap. She saw the endo with Dr. She knew where my pain was. When I described something she would shake her head and understand. And that’s important for chronic pain patients. Honestly, I don’t know if I can handle going back to practioner who doesn’t grasp what I’m feeling when I walk into her office and say “I’m hurting.”


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