I thought my cyst had burst this morning, but now I thinking maybe it hasn’t.

I was driving the car when I felt some pain by my ovary (nothing new lately) and then a very sharp pain in my right shoulder. This is usually a sign that it’s ruptured. Right? This is what I’ve been told in that past, at least.

Well, I assumed this and carried on my activities. But now I’m in PAIN! I’m talking time-to-pop-the-pain-pill pain and lay-in-bed-with-heating-pad pain. Ouch! My whole side and that ovary area hurt. I have this insane urgency to have a bowel movement. I’ve been nauseous since I woke up this morning.

My shoulder doesn’t hurt anymore – that was a transient thing that only bothered me for about 5 minutes. But it was so sharp that if it had in my left shoulder, my car would’ve been heading to the ER. Seriously.

I just wish the two kids running around my living room playing Indiana Jones were at their Aunts so I could lay down and try to sleep through this pain. It sucks. And I know going to the doctor is pointless as I already have pain meds and I don’t feel like getting an ultrasound to tell me what I already know.

But if it gets worse – I start throwing up, or the pain becomes unbearable, I’ll have the hubby take me to ER tonight. I just hope it doesn’t get to that point.


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